Testimonials - Machester Business Training & Consultancy Ltd


“Maged, I had a great time and I think I made very good progress. Thank you”

– Fr. Peter F.

“Dear Eng. Maged, I don’t know how to thank you. My sister is delighted with the effort you are providing to her. She understood a lot from you. I saw the progress that she made in such short time. She and I are really greatefull and do not know how to express it. Your effort and time that you provided are priceless. Thank you”

– Basma I.

“I was so scared of excel before this course but now it’s not as intimidating, I’ve already made an inventory worksheet and now I’m planning on making my accounts a lot more different. Thank you “

– Debbie M.

“I knew very little about excel, wasn’t sure how much knowledge I would gain doing the beginners course. I completely surprised myself and learnt so much on this course. I now feel confident setting out my own bookeeping on excel using formulas, tables, exchange rates, presentation, etc. We did a walk through of how everything works and what all the tabs do. I never knew excel did so much! “

– Dawn K.

“Maged was very helpful and provided lots and lots of detail on every option “

– Gary C.

“I really enjoyed the course, everything I needed to help me start using Facebook correctly was covered. How I can now use this to help advertise and push my business to new levels. Tutor was lovely and you could tell he was very passionate and wanted to share his knowledge!. Thank you “

– Donna D.

“Corrina was a fantastic coach/facilitator, she held the sessions in a very safe way which helped me to dig into my own personal experience in a very useful and transformative way.”

– Luke C.


Maged was a very patient and knowledgeable instructor. He was so accommodating with offering the lessons at a weekend. This was so helpful, the slides he has sent over will be beneficial. Thank you so much.

– Diane P.