Social Media Marketing – SMM

Social Media is mainly any form of technology that allows us to publish and distribute online content. Nowadays, we probably use this term as a synonym just to Facebook. However, Social Media includes YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, blogs & many other platforms.

Marketing and Campaigning on social networks and platforms aren’t just to persuade people to talk about what you offer. It’s a way of attracting new potential customers, grow the popularity of your brand, increase the number of engaged customers and inspire customer loyalty.

In the UK alone, there are more than 45 million users of social networks/platforms amongst them are potential new clients and customers. Isn’t it time to grab their attention?!

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads became one of the most important marketing channels within the e-commerce world. Our Training Course and services will help and assist you to know what is the best type of Facebook ad for your business, and how to implement campaigns that will deliver the most ROI (return on investment).


Finding social media help for your business is easy with us. Whether you’re looking for help with PR or on advertising on social media, just enter your details. We’ll do all the legwork to get you quotes free of charge from social media marketing experts at the soonest.

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We recommend the standard course if you want to learn how to use and set-up your own Facebook advertising campaigns to market your business. You may be a business owner or a professional in a digital, marketing or PR role. The advanced course will help you if you are already running Facebook advertising campaigns and you want to learn how to improve performance.

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SOCIAL MEDIA & FB ADS Training Standard

You will be able to:

  • Effectively boost your on-page posts
  • Build an audience using Facebook’s native data
  • Setup a Facebook campaign within Facebook Ads Manager
  • Design and build an effective ad
  • Understand campaign performance within Ads Manager
  • How to optimise campaigns using the Facebook Pixel
  • How Facebook ads can help you achieve different business objectives

SOCIAL MEDIA & FB ADS Training Advanced

You will be able to:

  • Measure campaign ROI using the Facebook Pixel and Event Tracking
  • Build custom and lookalike audiences using st party data
  • Strategically plan your audiences and campaigns
  • Describe different ad types and placements and understand when to use them
  • Choose between the different ways to buy media on Facebook
  • Improve campaign performance and ROAS

Fees and Cost of the Training

  • Facebook Ads Training (6Hrs Course)
  • Standard Training (12 Hrs Crash course)
  • Advanced Training (24 Hrs course)

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