Business Essential Skills – Basics IT Skill Training Courses

We have designed the Business Essential Skills training courses to help you focus on your business more efficiently. Whether you are self-employed with a micro or SME, or an employee who needs to be capable of using all the recourses available to you, our training courses will help you to accomplish your dreams. We have designed those courses to help develop the essential IT skills needed for your business. Choose the level that is relevant to your experience, Basics, Intermediate or Advanced level.

Essential IT SkillsESSENTIAL IT SKILLS – MS Office

  • Introduction to Microsoft Office
  • MS Office components
  • MS Word: Documents Essentials
  • The MS Excel Basics
  • Getting Started with MS PowerPoint 


  • Intrduction to the Email world
  • Webmail clients and interfaces
  • PC based Email Clients
  • Introduction to MS Outlook
  • Adding dfferent email accoounts and usage of MS Outlook


  • What is SOHO?
  • The EU Commission definition of the micro and SME
  • What is SOHO network?
  • Choosing the type of network
  • Deign & Build your SOHO network

All Courses for individuals and corporates are available Face to Face (F2F) via Online Interactive Virtual Classroom sessions (Zoom or TEAMS) or In-House as applicable. We provide those training courses in small groups of 4 to a maximum of 8 participants. For corporate, provided in-house, we shall mutually agree on the number of attendees. In addition, our courses are delivered by professional & experienced facilitators in English Language. However, we will provide support in Arabic and/or French Languages if and/or when needed. In Addition, our Teacher, Facilitator, Instructor or Trainer will provide you with all the training materials needed, if applicable. Furthermore, at the end of the training, we will send you a Free Certificate* of achievement/completion/attendance upon request.

*Only if applicable and as a soft copy. Only to individuals or corporate training programmes/courses (not tuition) and subject to attending and passing at least 80% of the sessions and/or assessments as applicable. Terms & Conditions apply.

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