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Manchester Business Training & Consultancy Ltd (ManBTC) is your all-in-one training courses and tuition provider that you will ever need. We help you develop the skills you need to grow knowledge and career for you and/or your employees.

ManBTC Provides tuition and training courses for Languages, Computer, Social Media, Emotional Intelligence and many other Soft-Skills. Our language courses are tailored for students and adults include French, Arabic & IELTS preparation. In addition, our Computer courses will assist you to master different skills in MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, Emailing and Internet. It also helps you to start working with Photoshop as well as build and maintain your own computer network at home or office. With us, you will get tailored and unique training courses, programs and classes. For that, you will get the proper attention that satisfies your needs and suits your budget in an easy, effective and efficient way. Moreover, we also provide tailored corporate programs for Management, Administration, Secretarial, and Softskills which will help your employees to be more effective and efficient. This means that your organisation/company will benefit more profit with less stress to your employees (a win/win situation)

Language Tuition and Exam Preparation Training Courses

Tuition and Training programs for French & Arabic Languages. We are also specialist in Spoken Language courses in different dialects/accents

This is in addition to our extensive IELTS Exam preparation courses.


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Computer, IT and Social Media Training Courses

Skills Training Courses, Programs and Consultancy

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word Courses 

MS Outlook, IE & Chrome, Photoshop Basics, Home / SOHO Network


Management, Administration & Soft-Skills Training

Skills Training Courses, Programs and Consultancy

Presentation Skills, Official letter/email writing skills (Arabic & English), Communication Skills

Emotional Intelligence, Management, Leadership

Project Management, Document Control, Administration/Secretarial

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All Courses for individuals and corporates are available Face to Face (F2F) in Online Interactive Virtual Classroom or in physical classroom sessions at our premises or In-House as applicable. In addition, our courses are delivered by professional & experienced facilitators in English Language, generally, except for specific language courses. However, support of the courses may be provided as well in Arabic or French Languages if and/or when needed. All Materials are provided by the Teacher, Facilitator, Instructor or Trainer. Free Certificate* of achievement/completion/attendance will be provided to each attendee of our Courses and Programs upon request.

*Only if applicable. Only to individuals or corporate training programmes/courses (not tuition) and subject to attending and passing at least 80% of the sessions and/or assessments as applicable. Terms & Conditions apply.

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